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Steinberger GT PRO Deluxe Wh...

A popular model featuring a small body and headles...

  • 09-315503514
NZ$ 385.38
out of stock


The ST-2FPA PB is a cost-effective synaptic collec...

  • 06-315475114
NZ$ 1,141.92
out of stock

Steinberger 1990 GR 4 Black

Headless guitar that swept the world by using mate...

  • 11-315437114
NZ$ 2,283.84
out of stock

Strandberg Boden Standard 6 ...

A limited edition model of "Boden" which is the fl...

  • 03-315473914
NZ$ 2,854.79
out of stock

Strandberg BODEN J7

Strandberg's seven-string model is in stock in sec...

  • 03-315411014
NZ$ 4,036.69

Skervesen SHOGGIE DC6 Natura...

Headless model of Skelvesen, a high-end guitar bra...

  • 11-315193014
NZ$ 5,464.07

Soulezza Standard Jazz 6st

A handmade guitar brand called "Soureza Guitar" pr...

  • 03-315030514
NZ$ 5,204.56


Steinberger GM4.
It is a masterpiece model that...

  • 12-316923713
NZ$ 3,608.45